How Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Made?

A lot of people are drawn to Himalayan salt lamps from the moment that they see them. These lamps don’t look like the standard lamps that you might see on store shelves; it’s easy to tell that these lamps offer something special. People are also interested in these lamps because of their reported health benefits.

If you’re interested in salt lamps but aren’t sure about purchasing one for yourself, you may want to learn a little bit more about how these lamps are actually made. Here’s what you should know about the process.

Where Does The Salt Come From?

The salt used in these lamps comes from the same region. It is taken from Khewra Salt Mine, which is located in the Punjab province. This salt has been a major export for India for quite some time.

This salt is similar to table salt in a number of ways. The two are chemically similar. However, there are several things that set them apart. First of all, Himalayan salt has a very distinctive appearance. This makes it a great choice for something like a salt lamp.

Secondly, this salt contains a wide range of minerals. Everything from potassium to calcium to magnesium can be found in this salt. It’s packed full of valuable minerals and nutrients.

What Is The Crystal In The Lamp?

One of the most striking elements of a salt lamp is the crystal that sits in the center of it. These crystals can come in a number of different colors, and they often give off a beautiful glow. A lot of people are shocked to learn that these crystals are actually salt.

When the salt for the lamp is harvested, it isn’t broken down into small pieces like salt would normally be. Instead, the salt is left in large chunks. The chunks are then placed inside the lamp. While it looks like a crystal or a precious gemstone, it is actually a very large piece of salt. The color of the salt comes from the impurities within the veins of salt. That’s why there are so many color variations.

Creating A Salt Lamp

When a salt lamp is made, the chunk of salt is placed in some kind of bowl. It is common for salt lamps to use some kind of wire encasing. The right wire basket will allow light to shine through in a very appealing way.

The lamp will have to contain some sort of light bulb. It’s common to see bulbs with a lower wattage, like a 7 or 15 watt bulb, used in these kinds of lamps. While salt isn’t able to give off light on its own, a more powerful bulb could wind up detracting from the natural beauty of a lamp like this. The lamp will also need some sort of cord. This will allow it to be plugged into an electrical source.

The Bowl Of The Lamp Is Covered In Salt

When these lamps are made, the bowl portion of the lamp is actually covered in salt. While a large chunk of salt may rest at the center of the lamp, every portion of the bowl should be covered in salt.

This is why the glow that these lamps give off is so beautiful and so unusual. The Himalayan salt changes the way that the lamp works. It is able to give off light in a different kind of way.

Why Himalayan Salt Lamps

While people love these lamps for their attractive appearance, a lot of people actually buy them for health reasons. These lamps are known for having a number of beneficial properties. If you’re interested in getting on for yourself, you can go to Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique here.

What are these lamps capable of? Some people say that these lamps give off positive energy waves. Others say that the lamps can clean the air around you, while others still say that the lamps are able to emit ions.

While there is some debate about what these lamps can and can’t do, most people seem to agree that they are beneficial. You should strongly consider purchasing a lamp like this for yourself.

Caring For A Himalayan Salt Lamp

A lot of people assume that these lamps require a lot of care and maintenance. However, in the majority of cases, that isn’t true. You can enjoy one of these lamps without having to put a lot of time and energy into maintaining it.

You’ll need to clean your lamp like you would have to clean any other lamp. However, you shouldn’t have to take any steps beyond that.

Now that you know more about how Himalayan salt lamps are made, you’ll be able to look at them with a greater sense of understanding. You now know what goes into the construction of salt lamps. What you decide to do with that knowledge is completely up to you.