4 Steps for Achieving Your Goals

To achieve your dreams, you first need to visualize them. This process involves sitting down in a peaceful environment with eyes closed and then seeing the goals as if they are already achieved in your imagination. Visualizing your dreams motivates you internally to make necessary steps to realize your goals and also activates the subliminal part of the brain which enables you to come up with innovative ways of achieving your objectives. To visualize effectively, one needs to use all the five senses and should focus on the burning desire with intense emotions. Effective visualization takes time and a lot of practice to achieve.

Conceptualizing with Images
This is one of the popular conceptualization techniques. Here, you take a picture of yourself with your objective, like you have already accomplished the objective. For example, if your dream is to tour Dubai some day in the future, then you can download a picture of the Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, and all major places, and then take a picture of yourself and fix it on the building as if you are already in it. Have the confidence and reject all negative thoughts that might arise during the process.

Concept of a Prize Map
This is a conceptualization method that uses a physical object and the mental faculty. To apply this method, one first thinks of something they want to visualize. A good example is buying a luxury car in five years on a specific date. The method starts by sketching all the elements needed in a writing paper.

Obviously, you will need money. Start by sketching a dollar note to represent the money needed to buy the super car. The money is to be earned cumulatively in five years so you can draw five squares where each square represents one year. Think of your source of income in every year and draw a representation of that source below the square that represents the year. The source can be a business venture, salary or lottery funds. The key thing in these sketches is not what you sketch but what the sketch represents. It works best in a place that is free from distractions. That way you will be completely involved in the task at hand. In the case of mapping multiple dreams, we suggest you create a vision board.

The Missing Link in the Law of Attraction
The law of attraction teaches us that we can achieve what we want by focusing on it and ignoring what we do not want even if we have feelings about it. Ignoring something that tags your emotion takes lots of effort. But what the law of attraction misses out on is the Manifestation Miracle eBook authored by Heather. In this pdf, you will come to know about the principle of destiny tuning. Heather describes it to be the missing link in the law of attraction. Without the application of this principle, people miss the boat and are unable to achieve what they set out for.

Take Action
This is a bonus tip for you. Making a massive action plan is a crucial factor that will help you achieve the goals what you set out for. Your actions should map your goals. Most people get so occupied in the visualization process and creating vision boards that they forget about taking action proportionate to their desires.

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